House Teams & School Council

House Teams

At Bowmandale we have a system of house teams. Children are allocated a house on starting school, with siblings being given the same house. We have five houses named after the local rivers, Ancholme, Hull, Humber, Ouse and Trent. Each house is given a different area of responsibility and has two elected house captains - a boy and a girl. These ten house captains then form the school council.

At the end of each week, the number of stars awarded to each team are counted and an average calculated. The team with the highest average for that week wins an extra 10 mins playtime and gets the house trophy.

School Council

The School Council 2016-2017

The School Council made up of the house captains. We are all keen to keep our school running as well as we can. Our house team members voted for us because we have several useful skills for the role; skills like listening, speaking clearly, being organised and having ideas to share. We have what is called 'the pupil voice' which means we represent all the children in our classes, bringing their ideas to each meeting.


Ancholme House Captains

Name: Ancholme

Colour: Yellow

Area of responsibility: Staying Safe

Aims: To promote safety both in the real world and online


Hull House Captains

Name: Hull

Colour: Orange

Area of responsibility: Community

Aims: To promote our sense of community


Humber House Captains

Name: Humber

Colour: Green

Area of responsibility: The environment

Aims: To improve the school environment for everyone


Ouse House Captains

Name: Ouse

Colour: Red

Area of responsibility: Play

Aims: To promote and improve play


Trent House Captains

Name: Trent

Colour: Purple

Area of responsibility: Health and Fitness

Aims: To promote and improve fitness in school

House Skipping Competition

Skipping competition   Skipping competition

Skipping competition   Skipping competition

Skipping competition

This year, as part of our activities for Sport Relief, we held a house team skipping competition. There were two events: the most skips in 2 minutes, and a routine to music. The energy levels were high and the standard was very impressive. The house captains judged the routines but they weren't allowed to vote for their own team.

Well done to Trent for winning and well done to everyone who took part.

House Team Choral Speaking Competition

Choral speaking   Choral speaking competition

Choral speaking   Choral speaking competition

Choral speaking

This week all of the children took part in the House Team Choral Speaking Competition. Each house learned a poem and performed it. There was stiff competition between the houses because everyone tried their best. After a great deal of deliberation the judges decided on Ancholme House as the winner. Congratulations to Ancholme House!