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Welcome to the website for Bowmandale Primary School. I hope that this site gives you a good insight into our school and demonstrates our commitment to creating a safe, positive and rewarding environment in which our pupils can learn and grow.

We have high hopes for all our pupils and it is important to us that children enjoy the time they spend here. Our aim is to provide a positive, nurturing learning environment for all children to enable them to achieve their potential and be the best that they can be. We want them to have the best possible start in life and help them to acquire the skills, knowledge, understanding and ambition to prepare them for life beyond the classroom. We want all of our children to achieve their very best.

Head Teacher: Mrs E Dunstan

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Ofsted Inspection Report 2018

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House Choral Speaking Competition

House Choral Speaking Competition

Yesterday was the final of the house team choral speaking competition. Each house prepared a poem to read as a team to the rest of the school. This year, the results were as follows:

Joint 1st : Ancholme & Ouse

3rd Humber

4th Hull

5th Trent

Well done to all the children for learning their pieces so well.


At the end of January, 37 children from Year 4 visited Robinwood Activity Centre near Hebdon Bridge. It was a 3 day residential visit which gave many of the children their first experience of staying away from home.

The children had the opportunity to take part in a range of challenging activities both in the centre and in the surrounding countryside. The growth mindest the children have been practising in school stood them in good stead and they impressed the staff by stretching themselves beyond their comfort zones to make the most of the visit.

On arriving back at school, the children have done a range of follow-up work including writing thank you letters to the Robinwood staff. You can read some of these letters below.

Our stay at Robinwood

Dear Emma,

I am just writing to tell you I really enjoyed my stay at Robinwood. I wanted to say a massive thank you and all the other amazing staff. My favourite activity was definitely the Trapeze I was actually quite scared before I climbed but then I realized I just needed to be brave and I managed it! The Trapeze was something new for me but I had a go and I enjoyed it so much. My funniest memory was when we were putting mud on our face because everyone was getting hands full and slapping on their face. I also thought it was funny when we fell in the piranha pool because it was freezing. The looks on people’s faces when they fell in the pool was so funny. The activity I found difficult was the Crate Challenge because it was really wobbly on top of them. I had a great time because everyone was encouraging each other.

Yours sincerely

Robinwood 2018

Dear Peter Brown

I am just writing to say how much fun I had at Robinwood. Thank you for setting up the activities for us. My favourite activity was the Trapeze because it was very challenging and surprising. The funniest moment was when Scarlet fell of the crates on the first three layers. It was also funny when everyone fell in the piranha pool. The activity I found the hardest was the Dungeon of doom because you had to find hidden numbers to crack the code. I had a great time because you helped me and you always listened to me and you made me feel so happy.

Yours sincerely

Robinwood 2018

Dear, Suzy and Charlotte

I am just writing to say a humongous thank you for all the hard work you put in to looking after us during our stay at Robinwood .

My favourite activity was Archery because I felt like it was the easiest. My funniest memory was when Miss Turner knocked down all the crates it was funny because it was hilarious when she looked petrified. But the one I found difficult was rock climbing because I was scared to let go but then I realized I would just hang.

I had a great time because I felt really welcome.

Yours sincerely

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Young Voices 2018

Young Voices 2018

On the 18th of January just over 40 pupils from Bowmandale Primary School took part in the fantastic Young Voices choir with over 5000 other children. While we were there we also waved to one of our fellow schools in the area: Castledyke. We also had a good time rehearsing with the special guests, who were: Natalie Williams, Alfie Sheard and The Magnets.

At the real concert, we all had little lights and when the lights went down all you could see was the little lights shining and it looked like stars in the night sky. At the end of the concert, we were all exhausted from singing all the songs and doing the dance moves. We were also accompanied by some street dance people from Urban Strides who are an upbeat dance group and who perform almost every time at Young Voices since Bowmandale has taken part in the brilliant concert.

It was also a bit sad in the end because for some of us it was our last ever time going to Young Voices with Bowmandale. On the bus journey there it was quiet and on the way back it even louder than the first time. (People still had energy from the concert!) On the other hand, some people were trying to get to sleep on the way back.

All in all we all had a great time. The adults that came were: Mrs Vickers (school governor), Mrs Dunstan, Miss Wilkinson, Mrs Evison and Mrs Mason.

By Shayna

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