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What's Happening At Bowmandale?

There's always something interesting going on at Bowmandale. Whatever the time of year there will be competitions, sporting events, education visits and lots of learning. Please take a look at what we have been doing or download our newsletter.

Year 3/4 Football Tournament

Football tournament

On Thursday we went to Baysgarth School to compete in a football tournament. Unfortunately, the other school couldn't make it so it was just our school. We split into three teams: orange, yellow and pink, and had a tournament. First we played some games. We did one where we had to pull someone else's bib that is what we call tails and the other game was steal the egg. It's like where you had to get as many balls as you could in a minute and when the leader said 'steal, steal, steal' we had to get other balls from other teams. The next thing that we did was a practice to do our football tournament and try and beat our score and then after that it was the real tournament. We were all shy to begin with but we all tried our best. First it was the pink and the yellows then it was the pink and the oranges then it was yellows and oranges. We all played two matches and the final score was pinks came last and then the oranges came second so that means that the yellows came first.

By Tegan and Hayden

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Easter Competitions

Easter egg competition   Easter egg competition

This Easter, we held a competition to decorate an Easter egg on the theme of a book character. Everyone who wanted to was allowed to enter and the entries were amazing. Mrs Dunstan and Miss Turner chose a winner from each class and the winners all received a box of mini eggs. Everyone who entered received a certificate.

Mrs Dunstan also awarded prizes and certificates for another competition which was to read in an unusual place. There was one winner for Foundation and Key Stage 1 and another for Key Stage 2. The winners each received a book.

Lastly, we drew tickets for the Easter egg raffle. There were about a hundred eggs to win and we sold hundreds of tickets.

Thank you to everyone who entered our competitions and thank you to parents for your support. Have a good holiday everyone.

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It's Catching

It's Catching   It's Catching

On 28th March, Adam and Helena from North Lincolnshire School Sports came to lead all of the Key Stage 1 and 2 children in some catching activities called 'It's Catching'.

First, we had some warming up by running and freezing in different positions then we each got our own tennis ball. We had to walk round while throwing and catching our balls but then Adam made it harder and we had to throw our balls up, clap and then catch it. Next we did the challenge. They started off easy. We had to pick up the ball and balance it on our hands. Then it got harder and we had to throw and clap three times and bob down and back up and catch it. Last of all, we played a game called 'Heads, Shoulders, Knees and Ball' where we had to follow the actions and when Adam said 'ball' we had to race and pick up the ball.

Everyone got to keep their ball and we all got a booklet with 50 games in it and some challenges on the back. In six weeks' time, Adam and Helena are coming back to see how much everyone has improved.

Thank you to Adam and Helena for coming in and doing this fun activity with us.

By Hanna and Mr Towers

Bowmandale's Got Talent

Bowmandale's Got Talent   Bowmandale's Got Talent

Bowmandale's Got Talent   Bowmandale's Got Talent

Last night, it was the long-awaited Bowmandale's Got Talent. Fifteen hopeful contestants wowed the packed hall with an amazing variety of talents. We had singers, dancers, DJ, acrobats and more! The audience were spellbound and the judges were bowled over by the quality of the acts.

At the interval, the audience cast their votes and, after a nail-biting wait, Miss Picksley and Miss Singleton announced the winners. In 3rd place was Josh and ben with their amazing talent of saying any word backwards. In 2nd was Sara who captivated everyone with her version of 'Tomorrow' from 'Annie', and in 1st place was Isabelle and Lauren who simply stunned everyone by performing their own song, 'Bright Lights'. Needless to say everyone had a wonderful time and we all eagerly await next year's show.

Well done to all of the contestants whose hard work and practice was obvious, not to mention their talent and courage. Thanks to parents for their support and to our organisers Miss Picksley and Miss Singleton who not only did a brilliant job bringing us this show but also raised £350 for Comic Relief.

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Football Tournament

Football tournament   Football tournament

Football tournament   Football tournament

On Thursday morning, Mrs Douglass and Mr Towers took 15 year 5 children to Baysgarth School to compete in a five a side football tournament. We entered three mixed teams who each played four first round matches against teams from Castledyke and St. Peters. After the first round, the standings were announced and our teams went into the second round play offs for 4th and 7th place. In the end we came 4th, 5th and 9th.

All of the children worked together in their teams, even though some didn't have previous competitive experience, and the results reflected their effort. Well do to our three teams for taking part in such a spirit of competition, collaboration and fun.

Mini All Stars

Mini All Stars   Mini All Stars

On Thursday 9th march 2017 12 people walked to Baysgarth School to compete in an athletics competition. There were 8 schools competing.

We did lots of activities such as quoit throw, agility, a 20m sprint, speed bounce, vertical jump, chest push and 10m tag race. Some people did really well on speed bounce but others were good at quoit throw and others were good at vertical jump.

The last thing we did is that all of the schools including us to announced the winner. They did it in reverse order and we all got to do a drum roll and…


By Tegan and Marssel

E-Safety Poster Competition

KS1 E-Safety poster winner   KS1 E-Safety poster winner

This year, for Safer Internet Day, we held a competition to design some new E-safety posters to display around school. We looked at how to stay safe on the Internet and then the children could focus on whichever 'do's and 'dont's' they wanted.

All the teachers chose the best posters from their class, then Miss Brewster and Mr Towers chose the final winners. The Key Stage 1 winner was Freddie and the runner up was Connie. Key Stage 2's winner was Richanne and the runner up was Tyra-Jo. All the winners and runners up were presented with a certificate and the winners also received a book token. We look forward to seeing their posters around school.

Walk to School Competition

WOW winner   WOW winner   WOW winner

Last term, all of the children took part in a national competition to design a new Walk to School badge on the theme of 'Walk the Americas'. Walk to School badges are awarded each month for walking to school more times than coming in a car. There were lots of fantastic entries so we chose our own winners and runners up.

The winners were Georgia G, Lilly KP and Chloe P, and the runners up were Richanne S, Ben A, Charlie H, Louis C, Freya H, Ava C, Ruby R and Shayna ZB. Well done everyone!

World Book Day

World Book Day   World Book Day

To celebrate World Book Day, pupils and staff dressed up as book characters and took part in a day of book-themed activities. It was a brilliant opportunity to share our favourite stories and to remember how much fun reading a good book can be. The children's costumes showed that they read and enjoy a huge variety of books - stories, poems, picture books, comics, annuals, fiction and non-fiction, new books and ones our grandparents might have read - and it was wonderful to see everyone enjoying books.

In the afternoon, all of the children went into the hall to find out the winners of the best costume. The teachers each chose a pupil from their own class and the winners all received a book. Well done to Isla-Rose, Jake, Elise, Eoin, Jamie, Ellin, Alex, Elliot, Emily, Maya-Jane, Megan and Rubie and thank you to all the friends, parents and carers who made such amazing costumes to make the day so colourful and inspiring.

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Growth Mindset Workshop

Growth Mindset   Growth Mindset Workshop

This term we've really been getting to grips with our growth mindset approach, with displays around the school to remind us that hard work, effort and a positive attitude really do help us to progress with our learning.

Over the last two days, a growth mindset coach called Tim Hall visited our school to deliver workshops to all of our Key Stage 2 children. By teaching us a range of tricky skills, including pencil tricks and juggling, he demonstrated that with practice, determination and a positive mindset, we can achieve what we want. Here you can see some of our upper Key Stage 2 children in action!

Valentine's Competition

Valentine's Competition   Valentine's Competition

The Valentine's competition winners received their prizes today in front of children and parents. The entries were all superb! Well done to the winners and to everyone who took part.

Thank you to the Friends of Bowmandale School and to everyone else who helped organize this event.

Obb's Measuring Muddle

Obb's Measuring Muddle   Obb's Measuring Muddle

Today Year 2's favourite alien (Obb) asked for our help again! He told us that he was busy planning a fabulous party on Mars for all of his friends. Unfortunately he had forgotten how long he had chopped his party streamers! How could he possibly tell if his decorations would be long enough without our help? To save Obb's party, we used our rulers to accurately measure each streamer. We hope that if we help all week, we may even get an invite to the party of the year!

By Miss Singleton

Hull and East Riding Museum

Hull Museum   Hull Museum

On the 24th of January, Mrs Noble's and Mr Taylor's classes went to the Hull and East Riding Museum to discover new facts about the Ancient Romans. The classes took part in two workshops – in one of them we pretended to be shop-keepers and shoppers. In the next workshop, we had a chance to be archaeologists and clean 'tesseri' (mosaic pieces), try on Ancient Roman armour, build a Roman arch and create our own mosaic. We all enjoyed this trip and are looking forward to our next one.

By Julia and Jade

Wind Energy

Lab Rascals   Lab Rascals

On Monday 6th February Miss Havercroft's class took part in a wind energy competition sponsored by e.on and hosted by Lab Rascals. The children built a working wind turbine model with Lego and designed and made blades for the wind turbines taking angle, shape and size into consideration. Some blades were more successful than others however; all the children had great fun.

Each child received a goody bag from e.on for taking part in the workshop. Only 10 schools had the opportunity to take part in this workshop and the winning team who generate the most energy in each school will win a boat trip to the off shore wind farm during the summer. Fingers crossed it's us!

Thank you to Tristan from e.on and Katie and Ben from Lab Rascals.

By Miss Havercroft


Robinwood 2017   Robinwood 2017

Robinwood 2017   Robinwood 2017

The children had a great time on the Year 4 residential at Robinwood, taking part in some exciting and challenging activities such as the Piranha Pool, Nightline and the Dungeon of Doom, all amongst wild and beautiful scenery. Everyone, including the staff, had to overcome their fear of heights, dark and danger with climbing, caving and bouldering.  And let's not forget the mountain walk, archery, crate challenge and trapeze! What an amazing adventure!

See more Robinwood pictures on DB Primary

Multi Sports

Multi Sports   Multi Sports

Yesterday, we took a team of 18 year 3 and 4 children to Baysgarth School to compete against other local schools in a Key Stage 2 multi sports competition. The team consisted of 9 girls and 9 boys. The children chose up to 4 events each from the list of track and field so that we had several children competing in each event. The track events were a mixture of relays and the field events were various jumps and throws.

We were incredibly proud of our team who all put in 100% and competed with admirable sportsmanship and teamwork against a strong opposition.

Thank you to Baysgarth school for hosting the event and a massive well done to our team: Eve, Jessica, Megan, Charly, Kenzi, Talisha, Tegan, Scarlett, Ellie, Marssel, Clayton, Shaun, Ben, Joshua, Marcus, Billy-Jo, Kai and Harvey.

The Deep

The Deep   The Deep

On Wednesday we had a fantastic trip to The Deep!

To start the day we took part in two workshops. The first one included exploring and examining real shark teeth and in the second workshop we learnt about all the animals that live at the North and South Pole.

We then had some free time to explore our surroundings... we were so amazed by all of the different types of colourful, beautiful fish and we were especially excited to see the cute, playful penguins as this ties in with our current English topic of 'Lost and Found'.

You can see more photos on our app.

By Miss Picksley

Wilderspin National School

Wilderspin National School   Wilderspin National School

Year 2 have enjoyed a wonderful trip to Wilderspin National School today, as part of our new topic of The Magic Toymaker.

We enjoyed immersing ourselves in the Victorian era, taking part in a morning of lessons at the school and experiencing playtime with toys from this time.

Our favourite part was most definitely the swing, although some of us got a little bit dizzy!

You can see more photos on our app.

By Miss Singleton

Young Voices 2017

Young Voices   Young Voices

I just had to go along to this year's Young Voices concert at Sheffield Arena to see what all the buzz was about! I wasn't disappointed the atmosphere was absolutely electric! The whole performance with the dancers and the singers along with the beat box crew was amazing along with the incredible 5,174 children in the young voices choir. It was great that so many parents were able to come along following our rehearsal afternoon to watch the show. The whole experience left me with a really warm feeling inside and I have to say all the children where impeccably behaved and were a real credit to our school. Well done to them all for putting in the effort to learn the songs and dance moves, thank you goes to those parent helpers and staff that came along, I know Mrs Dunstan had fun but a special thank you has to go to Mrs Evison for organising the whole thing. Well done Bowmandale Primary School you did us proud!

By Mrs Sharpe

Forest School

Forest School   Forest School

I was in Forest School. I used the big loppers. We used the loppers to cut branches off a tree. I used a bow saw with Owen.

By Ethan

Bethlehem Bandits

Bethlehem Bandits   Bethlehem Bandits

We had to practice lots and lots so it was perfect on the day/night. It was hard to learn a lot of lines especially if you were Brainicus or Bossicus you had to learn about 90 lines or more. We needed to practise a lot in lesson time to make it perfect for our real performance.

One the night we had an intro from Mrs Dunstan. Then our performance started we were all nervous and quite scared but we let that pass over us and let the performance go on. In the morning we had a brave donkey who fell of the stage but she was sure that the show had to go on. A very well done to the brave donkey.

By Maya-Jane

This year's production we all had a time doing the acting and preparing for the show for the extremely exciting parents. We all had a great time during the performance and we are sad that we are not doing any more performances on the Bethlehem Bandits. We had fabulous assistants like Tyra-jo on the music and the lights! IMPRESSIVE!!!!! On the scene shifters we had George and Tom!!!! We had a great time performing to parents and all of our parents were very proud of us. We all hope you enjoyed watching us perform our play. The parents were all very proud of their little stars!!! We had to change our positions at the last minute!!!

By Shayna

Christmas with the Aliens

Christmas with the Aliens   Christmas with the Aliens

Year 1 and 2's concert was called 'Christmas with the Aliens'. All the traditional characters are there along with a host of green aliens who land near Bethlehem on the very night Jesus was born. The actors spoke beautifully, the singing was lovely and everyone looked fantastic in their costumes. Well done to all the children and thank you to everyone who helped out and came to watch the performance.

The Nativity

The Nativity   The Nativity

The foundation children performed their traditional Nativity for us last week. They looked wonderful in their costumes and they spoke and sang beautifully. Well done to all the children and thank you to everyone who helped. It was a magical Christmas experience!

Inclusive Football

Inclusive football   Inclusive football

Last week nine children attended an inclusive football event at the Pods in Scunthorpe. The afternoon began with a series of six activities practising various ball skills such as passing, shooting and dribbling. We were then matched up with other schools to play in a friendly tournament. We played two games but some of the children played more because one of the other teams was short of players and ours were kind enough to volunteer to play from them. It was a valuable experience for all the children and we could see their confidence growing throughout the afternoon. Well done to everyone for taking part, trying something new and pushing themselves beyond their comfort zones. The staff were proud of them all.

Conker Competition 2016

Conker Competition winners   Conker competition finalists

This afternoon everyone gathered together to watch the 36th annual conker competition. Excitement mounted as the names were drawn for the first round of the final. Lots of people lost but, after sudden death, some got in to the quarter finals. There were some good shots and some not so good shots. In the semi finals it was Leah vs. Bailey and Charlie-rose vs. Sazan. Everyone was anxious about who would get in the final.

Finally we had our finalists: Charlie-rose and Leah. The players were evenly matched, both showing tremendous skill. After 5 mins of play Mr Taylor called for best of 5. Both players were faultless and the game moved on to sudden death. Everyone held their breaths as shot after shot hit their target but finally Charlie-rose missed one shot allowing victory for Leah.

Well done to everyone who took part and a special well done to Leah and the other finalists.

By Alyssa, Maya-Jane, Poppy and Mr Towers

Harvest Festival

Harvest Festival

Last week we all took part in our traditional Harvest festival. Each class performed a song or a poem we all had a brilliant time. This was the first harvest festival of the year, and Mrs Dunstan's first EVER Harvest Assembly.

Download Shayna's PowerPoint and Maya-Jane's PowerPoint presentations.

By Shayna and Maya-Jane

Barton Civic Awards

Barton Civic Awards

Huge congratulations to all of the children who won a prize or certificate in the Barton Civic Awards competition to design a piece of artwork linked to their favourite location in our community. We are so proud of them all and it was wonderful to share the celebration with families too. We would also like to say a big thank you to Mr Richard Clarke, the chair of the Barton Civic Awards Society, for giving up his time to present the awards to the children. Well done to everyone who participated!

Classroom in the Woods

Classroom in the Woods   Classroom in the Woods

This week Year 3, 3/4, 4 and 5 have been venturing out to the classroom in the woods to learn about Anglo Saxons and Romans. The children have been participating in activities such as making and testing their own raft and making their own Anglo-Saxon houses. They ate porridge flavoured with hand picked berries and they even plucked and tried pigeon.

You can see more pictures on our app.

Barton Carnival

Barton Carnival

Thank you to all of the children and parents who joined us on the Barton Carnival Parade on Saturday. We are also extremely proud of the children from Bowmandale Dance Club, who performed their Rio dance so enthusiastically in the main arena on Saturday, despite the rain! A huge well done to all of you! We'd like to pass on our thanks to Miss Turtle, for her expert choreography and also to all Bowmandale staff who joined in the fun - you may or may not recognise them!

See more pictures on our app.

Humber School Games

Humber School Games   Humber School Games

Our team represented North Lincolnshire and played 12 activities in Tri Golf. The team players were Peter, Madison, Alesha, Yasmin, George, Elle, Leah, Jack, Matthew and Henry. The teachers that came along with us were Mr Towers and Miss Richardson.

There was an Opening Ceremony featuring my banner design and all of the other competitor's designs too. It was extremely exciting and thrilling to watch our team play Tri Golf. They played 6 activities before lunch and 6 after. I didn't participate in any of the activities, therefore I was making notes and taking pictures and videos of what had been happening.

A panda mascot came around to all of the teams and gave them a high five and a hug. The panda look quite realistic with soft fur and gentle paws.

A famous BMXer named Keelan Phillips put on an entertaining stunt show for us in the basketball court. After his performance, most people got their hats, bags and T-shirts signed by him and had a picture taken with him.

After that, there was a closing ceremony that was held in the same place as the opening ceremony. It made everybody very tense because it was announcing the results! The winning team was Martongate Primary School from the East Riding with 1425 points. Bowmandale came 6th with 918 points.

We all had a phenomenal day and I hope that there are more opportunities like this in the future.

By Richanne

Enterprise Sale

Enterprise sale   Enterprise sale

For Enterprise this year, Mrs Palin’s class created jelly sweets that looked like the Olympic Rings and pom-poms that looked like the Olympic Mascot.

For the pom-poms, they cut out a piece of card and gently wrapped some wool around it. After they did that, they got their strands of wool cut so that they were puffy and fluffy. Finally, they carefully stuck some googly eyes on them so they had a cute little face too!

The jelly sweets were supposed to look like the Olympic rings so they made them in different jelly. For the black ring, it was black currant flavour jelly. For the red ring, it was strawberry jelly. For the yellow ring, it was pineapple jelly. For the green ring, it was apple jelly but unfortunately there wasn't any jelly for the blue ring so they did an orange ring instead.

By Richanne

Team Challenge

Olympic rings made by the house teams

The whole school were delighted we could have our traditional team challenge! We were mostly exhausted after an hour and a half of extremely fun activities, but still happy to find out the result of who won, but we don't mind only a little celebration wouldn't hurt for the winning team.

Olympic Rings

Before we started, we all came together as a house team and formed a round circle. At the end of the play-ground, Mr Taylor stood on top of the bouncy wall. When we all formed a circle and Mr Taylor took a photograph.

Some of the activities were:

Whose Shoes?

Whose Shoes was an activity where what you had to do was pretty simple, you had photos of the teachers and a pair of shoes to go with the photo of the teachers. It was very fun and confusing because most of us don't remember what our teachers wore on their feet!

Limbo! Limbo!

Limbo-Limbo was basically limbo, but you wasn't allowed to put your hands or knees on the floor to support your body, while you go under the rope. We all really enjoyed it.

Rio Dance

At the end, everyone joined in with the dance that Miss Turtle's dance club practised.

By Shayna

Foundation and Key Stage 1 Sports Day

Lower school sports day   Lower school sports day

Yesterday, we took advantage of the weather and held our twice-postponed Foundation and Key Stage 1 sports day. Lots of parents came along and, although we were missing our Year 6 children, there were plenty of people there to cheer the competitors on. The afternoon started with running, followed by skipping, collecting bean bags, egg and spoon, balancing a bean bag and toddler races. The spirit of taking part and trying your best shone through and we all enjoyed a beautiful afternoon of sport and sun.

Newlands Residential

Newlands residential   Newlands residential

Newlands residential   Newlands residential

Each year we offer Year 6 the opportunity to go on a residential visit to Newlands Adventure Centre in the Lake District. This year a majority of the year 6s, accompanied by Mr Taylor, Mrs Noble and Mrs Bontoft, enjoyed usually good weather for their week of adventure. Some of the activities the children experienced were gill scrambling (climbing down a rocky mountain stream), walking and mountain biking in the surrounding fells, canoeing on Derwent Water and climbing at the centre's own facility. As always, Mr Taylor documented the week on video and these are available to watch and download, along with all the week's photos, from our learning platform.

National Space Centre

National Space Centre   National Space Centre

On the 9th of June Mr Griffiths, Mrs Palin and Miss Brewster's classes went to the National Space Centre in Leicester. We learned lots of facts and saw a Russian space shuttle, it was suspended from the ceiling, we thought it would collapse on us! We had lots of fun, and played games, which was combined with learning about space, Earth, moon and sun.

The planetarium was very large and we were all amazed at the special effects and what we saw, we thought were flying in space, we experienced the effects of what we have if we shoot up into space and what would happen to our body! It was quite disgusting, but it was over eventually, after about half an hour. Miss Richardson felt a bit sick when we came out, luckily she wasn't sick! We were all fine, after that we all went in different directions.

We all went along with our adult to explore. Two year 4 groups went right to the top, some went up 144 stairs and some went in the lift. They went to see the 2 rockets, and they saw a real piece of rock from the moon. They were all amazed at the sight. Meanwhile, Miss Richardson's group went to the tranquillity base and played lots of games including: Becoming an Astronaut, Digger Control and Air Seat. We all didn't want to leave.

By Shayna