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There's always something interesting going on at Bowmandale. Whatever the time of year, there will be competitions, sporting events, educational visits and lots of learning. You can also download our monthly newsletter and mobile app to keep up to date with all our news.

Christmas Concerts

Wriggly Nativity

This year, our children performed three Christmas concerts.

The Foundation children performed 'Wriggly Nativity' which was a wonderfully wriggly version of the traditional Nativity story. The children looked beautiful in their costumes and their voices were clear and carried all the way to the back of the hall. It was a magical performance for pupils and adults alike.

KS1 Christmas concert   KS1 Christmas concert

Key Stage 1 performed 'A King is Born' - a traditional re-telling of the Christmas Story as told by Mum, Dad, Grandma and Grandad to their four children. The actors and singers gave us a lively performance and the costumes added the final touch.

KS2 Christmas concert   KS2 Christmas concert

This year, Key Stage 2 performed a version of 'A Christmas Carol' by Charles Dickens called 'Scrooge: A Ghost of a Chance'. The actors, dancers, singers and stage hands had a lot to learn but their hours of practice paid off with a flawless performance.

Thank you to everyone who helped out with costumes, scenery and helping the children learn their parts. We look forward to another season of concerts again next year!

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Eureka   Eureka

Eureka   Eureka

On Friday, we went to Eureka in Halifax. We all enjoyed it. We learnt about the digestive system and the human body. First, we explored some of the teeth and pretended that we were doctors and patients using a fake computer. We could talk to each other through a speaker pretending that we were doctors, midwives and patients.

Before dinner we went to the bit where you could make robots and play on iPads and control remote control robot cars and you could race each other as racoons. You had to the control levers side to side to make your racoons switch with over to dodge the objects. Then we had our lunch on a train that didn’t move.

After lunch, we went to our workshop called From Chew To Poo. There was a banana sandwich and we looked at where it would go before coming out of your bottom. When it comes out of you bottom your poo is meant to look like sausage! When it drops into the toilet it is meant to sink NOT FLOAT!

Then we went home on the coach. We were all exhausted from our long day of exploring at Eureka.

By Ben and Molly

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Beech House Visit

Beech House Visit   Beech House Visit

This morning ten children from Reception walked down to Beech House Care Home to visit some of the residents. The residents joined us in the dining area and together we made some Christmas crackers for the Fayre. The ladies were a huge help and we managed to make lots of crackers! The children enjoyed telling the ladies about life at Bowmandale. We have invited the residents to the Reception nativity play and we will be visiting Beech House again in the new year.

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Children in Need Day

Children in Need   Children in Need

Miss Singleton's class have had a spotacular day in aid of Children in Need!

Dressed in spots, we enjoyed making our own Pudsey bears, even creating new outfits for him too. Whilst designing them we talked about our Anti-Bullying week message of 'All different, All equal', remembering that no two of our ideas would look the same but that wouldn't mean they weren't all equally fabulous!

I think you'll agree that we have come up with some wonderful new clothes for him!

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Imagination Library

Imagination Library   Imagination Library

The children in Reception went to Baysgarth Leisure Centre to take part in an Imagination Library reading event. We walked across to the centre for a morning of fun and lots of parents came with us! At the centre, a large number of diffferent activities were set up for us which were all linked to different books the children have received through the Imagination Library. The children then took part in an interactive story about the little red train, we had a wonderful morning and a big thank you to all the parents who came with us.

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Football Tournament

Football Tournament   Football Tournament

Congratulations to all 35 pupils who proudly represented the school at the Year 3/4 Football Tournament on Thursday afternoon. We had great fun whilst displaying fantastic teamwork and some amazing skills. Not only that, teams from Bowmandale won all 3 leagues at the largest festival ever held at Baysgarth! A huge well done to those 15 children.

We would like to say a massive thank you to the generous volunteers who kindly accompanied the teams to the event.

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Conker Competition 2017

Conker Competition   Conker Competition

This afternoon we held our annual conker competition final. The entire school assembled in a packed hall to watch the finalists battle it out for the prestigious Bowmandale conker competition trophy.

32 competitors were drawn to form 16 pairings. From these, the 16 winners made it through to the second round. 16 then became 8 and we were into the quarter final. The excitement mounted as the matches went to best of 5. The semi-final had arrived! The tension was palpable as the semi-finalists entered best of 5 and then sudden death. All players at this stage were expert but someone had to go through. It was a close run thing but in the end we had our 2017 conker competition champion.

Well done to all of this year's contestants and a special well done to the finalists.

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Enchanted Forest

Enchanted Forest   Enchanted Forest

Yesterday the children in Reception were introduced to the natural loose parts collection. The children made a range of different designs and then tried different ways to improve them. Four children made the most amazing enchanted forest with hedgehogs and fairies hiding within it, it was the most beautiful forest we had seen! Together we decided we needed more natural resources so we went to collect more conkers and interesting leaves. We had a wonderful time learning about different trees and their names.

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Harvest Assembly

Harvest Assembly   Harvest Assembly

Last Friday, we celebrated autumn with our harvest assembly. Each class prepared a song or a poem which they performed to a packed hall of parents and pupils. Thank you to everyone who donated produce and well done to all the children.

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Science Explosions

Science explosion   Science explosions   Science explosions

As part of the current topic in Year 5, Miss Brewster's class looked at the reaction between Diet Coke and Mentos when they are mixed. The result was explosive!

You can see the video by scanning the QR code on our app.

Macmillan Coffee Afternoon

Macmillan coffee afternoon   Macmillan coffee afternoon

We would like to say a huge thank you to everyone for attending Friday's Macmillan coffee afternoon and helping to make it a huge success. We are so grateful to all of the families who donated some delicious cakes and biscuits in support of the event.

Keep your eyes peeled for the next school newsletter to see how much we have raised for this fantastic cause.

Roald Dahl Day 2017

Roald Dahl Day 2017   Roald Dahl Day 2017

On 13th September we celebrated Roald Dahl's 101st birthday with lots of Roald Dahl Day activities.

In the morning we read some of Roald Dahl's poetry and stories, found out about his exciting life and created our own Roald Dahl inspired work.

At 2 o'clock we joined hundreds of other schools around the country to take part in a live video feed from the Roald Dahl museum. We heard lots about the book 'Billy and the Minpins', took part in a quiz to find out which Roald Dahl character we were most like, and even drew along with the famous illustrator Quentin Blake!

Some classes will be continuing their Roald Dahl work for the rest of the week.

Year 6 Leavers' Assembly

This morning, parents, children and staff joined together to say goodbye to our Year 6s. As always, it was an emotional experience listening to all the memories and remembering all the times we have shared together. Mr Kipling, from Barton Rotary Club, presented the children with calculators as a gift for the school's support, which we are very grateful for, then the whole school lined up and took turns to shake their hands.

All the staff at Bowmandale are incredibly proud of our Year 6s and we wish them the very best at their new schools.

Prize Giving

Prize Giving

This afternoon, we held our annual prize giving ceremony when we present awards to children for outstanding progress, achievement and contributions throughout the year. We were kindly supported by parents, governors and visitors which made the afternoon all the more special.

A big well done to all the children for their hard work and determination!

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Mini Olympics

On Thursday 13th of July the year six pupils attended Costello Stadium to participate in various events. This included 100m, 400m 800m and relay, and there were several different stations that included: skipping, egg and spoon, long jump and many more. We are glad to say that most of the Bowmandale competitors won in the track events. After all, Bowmandale won again for the second time running. Well done Bowmandale!

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By Maddie and Bella

Year 6 Residential

Last week, Year 6 went on their annual residential visit to Newlands Adventure Centre in the Lake District where they took part in a variety of exciting outdoor activities like canoeing , fell walking, mountain biking and gill scrambling.

Foundation and Key Stage 1 Sports Day

Foundation and Key Stage 1 Sports Day   Foundation and Key Stage 2 Sports Day

Yesterday afternoon, we had our Foundation and Key Stage 1 sports day. Lots of parents took advantage of the warm weather and came to watch an afternoon of sports.

The races kicked off with with 60m, 50m and 40m sprints, followed by skipping and egg and spoon. We then took a break for the toddlers' race, which was as popular as ever. We rounded off the afternoon with the shuttle race and balancing bean bags and quoits.

Thank you to Mrs Palin and her helpers for organising this event and to everyone who watched and participated.

Key Stage 2 Sports Day

Key Stage 2 Sports Day   Key Stage 2 Sports Day

The pupils of KS2 have been working hard on sports day, supported by our parents and teachers. We were all happy to run our tired legs off and the Head Teacher, Mrs E Dunstan, was proud to see the pupils of her school become running superstars.

First, Miss Turner announced the winners of the Ball Throwing Competition, then the runners were called up to do the races. Everyone was filled with joy when the skipping race was called out for the second race and the runners weren't giving up whenever they stumbled or fell to the ground but they surged on with great power and strength!

Now the toddlers race was the final race we were waiting for. All the children of Bowmandale were pleased to have a special bond with their younger relatives as they ran like lightning to get first along the way. The Year 6's will have this memorable moment too as they also did their races like nobody's business!

For great sportsmanship, our teachers, family and friends, including Mrs E Dunstan, were watching like hawks. Lastly, we all gave a round of applause for Mrs Palin for helping out with the equipment for Sports Day.

We had all got our fingers crossed for the weather for the school's KS1 Sports Day Event when we saw the clouds looming over us. All of our school are looking forward many other events in a couple of weeks time and we hope that the summer days don't disappear at all now.

By Fallon

Arts Week

Arts Week   Arts Week

Last week, Bowmandale held their first ever arts week. This was a fantastic opportunity for the children to learn about national artists and artists within their locality throughout the week. Everybody did a splendid job and Bowmandale clearly have some budding future artists. Furthermore, we would like to thank everyone who made a contribution for their child's artwork.

Miss Picksley and Miss Grierson

Rotary Young Writer Competition 2017

We are very proud to announce our pupils' success in the Rotary Young Writer Competition 2017. All our writers were commended for their high standard of writing and each received a certificate of achievement.

The greatest accolade, however, goes to Tyra-Jo who won regional first place in the 7-11 age group. She was presented with a book token, a regional certificate and a certificate from Rotary International in Great Britain and Ireland. Her winning entry will now go forward into the national final.

Congratulations to all our writers and especially to Tyra-Jo. We await the results of the final with heightened anticipation!

A Healthy Me

A Healthy Me

Today KS1 and KS2 have worked with Helena from North Lincs School Sports Network on a project called 'A Healthy Me'.

We have discovered we need 5 different types of fruit and veg each day and learnt a rule to identify whether a food is healthy or unhealthy. Over the next few weeks we need to help collect labels from healthy foods.

When Helena returns there will be a prize awarded to the healthiest class. Who will it be?

Remember we need to exercise (10,000 steps) every day!

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Scunthorpe Musical Festival

Bowmandale Junior Choir

On 25th May, 14 pupils from the Bowmandale Junior Choir took part in the 98th Scunthorpe Musical Festival at the Baths Hall. There were 5 schools taking part in addition to us and we came 4th overall. We performed 'Hot Air Balloon' by Lin Marsh and 'You Are My Sunshine' by Jimmy Davis. Weeks of hard work paid off during our performance because the adjudicator commended us for our 'artistic appreciation and technical ability'. He also called our chorus 'jolly and confident'. Thank you to Mrs Evison and Mrs Dunstan for taking us and to all the parents who came to support us. We are very proud to have been awarded a certificate of merit.

By Shayna, Mr Towers and Mrs Evison

KS1 Seaside Workshop

Seaside Workshop   Seaside Workshop

What a fantastic day we've had! The children in Year 1 and Year 2 have enjoyed a wonderful seaside workshop, learning all about the history of the seaside as well as taking part in lots of creative activities. A particular highlight was a traditional Punch and Judy show which gave us a behind the scenes sneak peek into how the puppets work. To top it off, we all had a deliciously refreshing ice lolly in the summer sunshine.

A big thank you to Ron from 'Jolly Good Workshops for Schools' for taking us on our fabulous trip back in time.

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Year 3/4 Football Tournament

Football tournament

On Thursday we went to Baysgarth School to compete in a football tournament. Unfortunately, the other school couldn't make it so it was just our school. We split into three teams: orange, yellow and pink, and had a tournament. First we played some games. We did one where we had to pull someone else's bib that is what we call tails and the other game was steal the egg. It's like where you had to get as many balls as you could in a minute and when the leader said 'steal, steal, steal' we had to get other balls from other teams. The next thing that we did was a practice to do our football tournament and try and beat our score and then after that it was the real tournament. We were all shy to begin with but we all tried our best. First it was the pink and the yellows then it was the pink and the oranges then it was yellows and oranges. We all played two matches and the final score was pinks came last and then the oranges came second so that means that the yellows came first.

By Tegan and Hayden

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Easter Competitions

Easter egg competition   Easter egg competition

This Easter, we held a competition to decorate an Easter egg on the theme of a book character. Everyone who wanted to was allowed to enter and the entries were amazing. Mrs Dunstan and Miss Turner chose a winner from each class and the winners all received a box of mini eggs. Everyone who entered received a certificate.

Mrs Dunstan also awarded prizes and certificates for another competition which was to read in an unusual place. There was one winner for Foundation and Key Stage 1 and another for Key Stage 2. The winners each received a book.

Lastly, we drew tickets for the Easter egg raffle. There were about a hundred eggs to win and we sold hundreds of tickets.

Thank you to everyone who entered our competitions and thank you to parents for your support. Have a good holiday everyone.

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It's Catching

It's Catching   It's Catching

On 28th March, Adam and Helena from North Lincolnshire School Sports came to lead all of the Key Stage 1 and 2 children in some catching activities called 'It's Catching'.

First, we had some warming up by running and freezing in different positions then we each got our own tennis ball. We had to walk round while throwing and catching our balls but then Adam made it harder and we had to throw our balls up, clap and then catch it. Next we did the challenge. They started off easy. We had to pick up the ball and balance it on our hands. Then it got harder and we had to throw and clap three times and bob down and back up and catch it. Last of all, we played a game called 'Heads, Shoulders, Knees and Ball' where we had to follow the actions and when Adam said 'ball' we had to race and pick up the ball.

Everyone got to keep their ball and we all got a booklet with 50 games in it and some challenges on the back. In six weeks' time, Adam and Helena are coming back to see how much everyone has improved.

Thank you to Adam and Helena for coming in and doing this fun activity with us.

By Hanna and Mr Towers

Bowmandale's Got Talent

Bowmandale's Got Talent   Bowmandale's Got Talent

Last night, it was the long-awaited Bowmandale's Got Talent. Fifteen hopeful contestants wowed the packed hall with an amazing variety of talents. We had singers, dancers, DJs, acrobats and more! The audience were spellbound and the judges were bowled over by the quality of the acts.

At the interval, the audience cast their votes and, after a nail-biting wait, Miss Picksley and Miss Singleton announced the winners. In 3rd place was Josh and Ben with their amazing talent of saying any word backwards. In 2nd was Sara who captivated everyone with her version of 'Tomorrow' from 'Annie', and in 1st place were Isabelle and Lauren who simply stunned everyone by performing their own song, 'Bright Lights'. Needless to say everyone had a wonderful time and we all eagerly await next year's show.

Well done to all of the contestants whose hard work and practice was obvious, not to mention their talent and courage. Thanks to parents for their support and to our organisers Miss Picksley and Miss Singleton who not only did a brilliant job bringing us this show but also raised £350 for Comic Relief.

See pictures of all the contestants on our app.

Football Tournament

Football tournament   Football tournament

Football tournament   Football tournament

On Thursday morning, Mrs Douglass and Mr Towers took 15 year 5 children to Baysgarth School to compete in a five a side football tournament. We entered three mixed teams who each played four first round matches against teams from Castledyke and St. Peters. After the first round, the standings were announced and our teams went into the second round play offs for 4th and 7th place. In the end we came 4th, 5th and 9th.

All of the children worked together in their teams, even though some didn't have previous competitive experience, and the results reflected their effort. Well do to our three teams for taking part in such a spirit of competition, collaboration and fun.

Mini All Stars

Mini All Stars   Mini All Stars

On Thursday 9th march 2017 12 people walked to Baysgarth School to compete in an athletics competition. There were 8 schools competing.

We did lots of activities such as quoit throw, agility, a 20m sprint, speed bounce, vertical jump, chest push and 10m tag race. Some people did really well on speed bounce but others were good at quoit throw and others were good at vertical jump.

The last thing we did is that all of the schools including us to announced the winner. They did it in reverse order and we all got to do a drum roll and…


By Tegan and Marssel

E-Safety Poster Competition

KS1 E-Safety poster winner   KS1 E-Safety poster winner

This year, for Safer Internet Day, we held a competition to design some new E-safety posters to display around school. We looked at how to stay safe on the Internet and then the children could focus on whichever 'do's and 'dont's' they wanted.

All the teachers chose the best posters from their class, then Miss Brewster and Mr Towers chose the final winners. The Key Stage 1 winner was Freddie and the runner up was Connie. Key Stage 2's winner was Richanne and the runner up was Tyra-Jo. All the winners and runners up were presented with a certificate and the winners also received a book token. We look forward to seeing their posters around school.

Walk to School Competition

WOW winner   WOW winner   WOW winner

Last term, all of the children took part in a national competition to design a new Walk to School badge on the theme of 'Walk the Americas'. Walk to School badges are awarded each month for walking to school more times than coming in a car. There were lots of fantastic entries so we chose our own winners and runners up.

The winners were Georgia, Lilly and Chloe, and the runners up were Richanne, Ben, Charlie, Louis, Freya, Ava, Ruby and Shayna. Well done everyone!

World Book Day

World Book Day   World Book Day

To celebrate World Book Day, pupils and staff dressed up as book characters and took part in a day of book-themed activities. It was a brilliant opportunity to share our favourite stories and to remember how much fun reading a good book can be. The children's costumes showed that they read and enjoy a huge variety of books - stories, poems, picture books, comics, annuals, fiction and non-fiction, new books and ones our grandparents might have read - and it was wonderful to see everyone enjoying books.

In the afternoon, all of the children went into the hall to find out the winners of the best costume. The teachers each chose a pupil from their own class and the winners all received a book. Well done to Isla-Rose, Jake, Elise, Eoin, Jamie, Ellin, Alex, Elliot, Emily, Maya-Jane, Megan and Rubie and thank you to all the friends, parents and carers who made such amazing costumes to make the day so colourful and inspiring.

See more pictures on our app.

Growth Mindset Workshop

Growth Mindset   Growth Mindset Workshop

This term we've really been getting to grips with our growth mindset approach, with displays around the school to remind us that hard work, effort and a positive attitude really do help us to progress with our learning.

Over the last two days, a growth mindset coach called Tim Hall visited our school to deliver workshops to all of our Key Stage 2 children. By teaching us a range of tricky skills, including pencil tricks and juggling, he demonstrated that with practice, determination and a positive mindset, we can achieve what we want. Here you can see some of our upper Key Stage 2 children in action!

Valentine's Competition

Valentine's Competition   Valentine's Competition

The Valentine's competition winners received their prizes today in front of children and parents. The entries were all superb! Well done to the winners and to everyone who took part.

Thank you to the Friends of Bowmandale School and to everyone else who helped organize this event.

Hull and East Riding Museum

On the 24th of January, Mrs Noble's and Mr Taylor's classes went to the Hull and East Riding Museum to discover new facts about the Ancient Romans. The classes took part in two workshops – in one of them we pretended to be shop-keepers and shoppers. In the next workshop, we had a chance to be archaeologists and clean 'tesseri' (mosaic pieces), try on Ancient Roman armour, build a Roman arch and create our own mosaic. We all enjoyed this trip and are looking forward to our next one.

By Julia and Jade

Wind Energy

Lab Rascals   Lab Rascals

On Monday 6th February Miss Havercroft's class took part in a wind energy competition sponsored by e.on and hosted by Lab Rascals. The children built a working wind turbine model with Lego and designed and made blades for the wind turbines taking angle, shape and size into consideration. Some blades were more successful than others however; all the children had great fun.

Each child received a goody bag from e.on for taking part in the workshop. Only 10 schools had the opportunity to take part in this workshop and the winning team who generate the most energy in each school will win a boat trip to the off shore wind farm during the summer. Fingers crossed it's us!

Thank you to Tristan from e.on and Katie and Ben from Lab Rascals.

By Miss Havercroft


Robinwood 2017   Robinwood 2017

Robinwood 2017   Robinwood 2017

The children had a great time on the Year 4 residential at Robinwood, taking part in some exciting and challenging activities such as the Piranha Pool, Nightline and the Dungeon of Doom, all amongst wild and beautiful scenery. Everyone, including the staff, had to overcome their fear of heights, dark and danger with climbing, caving and bouldering.  And let's not forget the mountain walk, archery, crate challenge and trapeze! What an amazing adventure!

Multi Sports

Multi Sports   Multi Sports

Yesterday, we took a team of 18 year 3 and 4 children to Baysgarth School to compete against other local schools in a Key Stage 2 multi sports competition. The team consisted of 9 girls and 9 boys. The children chose up to 4 events each from the list of track and field so that we had several children competing in each event. The track events were a mixture of relays and the field events were various jumps and throws.

We were incredibly proud of our team who all put in 100% and competed with admirable sportsmanship and teamwork against a strong opposition.

Thank you to Baysgarth school for hosting the event and a massive well done to our team: Eve, Jessica, Megan, Charly, Kenzi, Talisha, Tegan, Scarlett, Ellie, Marssel, Clayton, Shaun, Ben, Joshua, Marcus, Billy-Jo, Kai and Harvey.

The Deep

The Deep   The Deep

On Wednesday we had a fantastic trip to The Deep!

To start the day we took part in two workshops. The first one included exploring and examining real shark teeth and in the second workshop we learnt about all the animals that live at the North and South Pole.

We then had some free time to explore our surroundings... we were so amazed by all of the different types of colourful, beautiful fish and we were especially excited to see the cute, playful penguins as this ties in with our current English topic of 'Lost and Found'.

By Miss Picksley

Wilderspin National School

Wilderspin National School   Wilderspin National School

Year 2 have enjoyed a wonderful trip to Wilderspin National School today, as part of our new topic of The Magic Toymaker.

We enjoyed immersing ourselves in the Victorian era, taking part in a morning of lessons at the school and experiencing playtime with toys from this time.

Our favourite part was most definitely the swing, although some of us got a little bit dizzy!

By Miss Singleton