Monthly Newsletters

Mrs Dunstan produces a monthly newsletter to keep parents and carers informed about school news and events and to celebrate our many successes. We also share news via our app and on the Bowmandale News page of this website.

Issue 10 - June 2017

Issue 9 - May 2017

Issue 8 - April 2017

Issue 7 - March 2017

Issue 6 - February 2017

Issue 5 - January 2017

Issue 4 - December 2016

Issue 3 - November 2016

Issue 2 - October 2016

Issue 1 - September 2016

Head Teacher's Introduction Letter

Parent Surveys

Parent Questionnaire Results 2017

Curriculum Newsletters

Every term each class produces a curriculum newsletter outlining the topics they will be learning about. You can download these newsletters below.

Early Years Foundation Stage

Miss Wilkinson and Miss Grierson's curriculum newsletter

Year 1

Miss Picksley's curriculum newsletter

Mrs Klinger and Mrs Dent's curriculum newsletter

Year 2

Miss Hall's curriculum newsletter

Miss Singleton's curriculum newsletter

Year 3

Miss Brewster's curriculum newsletter

Mrs Palin's Year 3 curriculum newsletter

Year 4

Mrs Palin's Year 4 curriculum newsletter

Miss Masterman's curriculum newsletter

Year 5

Mrs Douglass's curriculum newsletter

Mrs Noble's Year 5 curriculum newsletter

Year 6

Mrs Noble's Year 6 curriculum newsletter

Mr Taylor's curriculum newsletter

Read more about what your child is learning on our curriculum page.

Safeguarding Newsletters

We produce the Safeguarding Newsletter to keep everyone informed about good practice and new developments. Safeguarding is a shared responsibility and the newsletter reflects the variety of work taking place across the school.

Safeguarding Newsletter, Spring 2017

Safeguarding Newsletter, Summer 2016

Safeguarding Newsletter, Spring 2016

E-Safety Newsletter 1: Apps and Age Ratings

E-Safety Newsletter 2: Parental Controls and Social Networks

Find out more about safeguarding on our safeguarding page.