Barton and Winterton Children's Centres

Barton and Winterton Sure Start Children Centres provide services for all children and young people and their families. All Sure Start Children's Centre activities are free to all families unless stated and activities are inclusive to all children and young people including those who have a disability or additional needs.

Current Events

E-Safety and Child Sexual Exploitation Awareness Course, 27th April 2017 – 20th July 2017

Solihull Approach to Parenting Group, 27th April 2017 – 20th July 2017

Paediatric First Aid Awareness, 30th March 2017

Barton Children's Centre, Feb-March 2017

Winterton Children's Centre, Feb-March 2017

Barton and Winterton Children's Centres Summary Planner, Feb-March 2017

Buddy Conference

Buddy Conference

On Friday 7th of October Fiona, Megan, Ellie and Emily went to a Buddy Conference to learn about staying safe on line. We learnt lots about online safety with many different schools. While we were there we had hot chocolate and biscuits. We first split into different groups and discussed online safety. Then we talked about different kinds of social medias and how to be safe on them. We played a game called heads and tails where you had to predict whether it was heads or tails. We had so much fun doing lots of activities.

By Fiona and Megan

Buddy Assembly

Buddy Assembly

On Thursday 6th October 2016 Mrs Joy and all of the buddies did an assembly about the Buddy Stop and the bother boxes. Mrs Joy explained the concerns about the Buddy Stop. Mrs Joy made sure that the buddies look after the Buddy Stop. She told everybody about the bother boxes again so they knew about them. The final thing was that for a reward Mrs Joy presented in assembly their buddy badges. They were all very excited to get their buddy badge.

By Fiona

Buddy Training

Buddy training   Buddy training

When we did buddy training we learnt about different types of bullying. We also acted out different types of bullying and learned how to help someone when they are getting bullied. We were also taught how to help someone when they are sad and lonely. After that we filled in a buddy booklet which had some activities for us to do inside of it. We learned about the importance of sharing and how to help and support young people.

In part 2 of buddy training we did a game where we got into partners and one person acted out something and the other person wrote down what the other person was acting out and we made a poster about the buddy rules. We also got to know a bit about each other.

Report by Ethan

Annual Safeguarding Conference

On Friday 24th of June 4 buddies named Julia, Jade, Fiona and Tyra-Jo went to the conference in Scunthorpe where we took part in different activities with different schools. The buddies attended various workshops on different safeguarding themes. Some the activities that the buddies did were:

We had lots of fun and we enjoyed working with different schools to solve problems.

Report by Fiona

Buddies Assembly


Last week, 8 buddies did an assembly about what we discussed at St Peters. The reason why we went is so we could get more buddy training. We all enjoyed our day out at St Peters. At the end of our training we all got biscuits and a drink even Mrs Joy too. We all enjoyed doing the assembly and I hope you liked it.

Report by Rubie

Thinkuknow Update

Families can visit the updated Thinkuknow website at to access advice and support on how to keep children safe from sexual abuse, both online and off. Articles provide guidance on topics as diverse as: challenging harmful sexual attitudes and promoting positive behaviours; helping a child with autism negotiate life online; supporting a child who has been sexually abused; and dealing with a range of online issues such as sending nude selfies and viewing pornography. Users will find films, downloadable guides and useful links to support organisations.

Families can also use the website to access the CEOP Safety Centre where you can report abuse and exploitation direct to CEOP.


Information about Internet 'trolling' provided by Portsmouth City Council called 'Beware of Lurking Trolls'.

North Lincs Family Information Service

North Lincolnshire Council provides a family information service which offers information, advice and assistance to families in North Lincolnshire who need support finding childcare, help with childcare costs, finding positive activities and a wide range of other issues related to every day family life.

Visit the Family Information Service website or sign up to the Family Information Service e-newsletter.


ParentInfo is a web service provided by CEOP (Child Exploitation and Online Protection). They publish articles to help parents with issues currently affecting children and young people.

The information below links directly to the 'Primary' feed of the ParentInfo website.

Commitment to E-Safety

Bowmandale Primary School is committed to keeping its pupils and staff safe. To show our commitment we are working towards the 360 Degree Safe E-Safety Mark. Achieving this award will require every member of the school community to do their bit. Let's all make it happen!

360 Degree Safe Certificate   360 Degree Safe Certificate

E-Safety certificates - click for larger versions

Who To Contact

Bowmandale Primary School takes safeguarding very seriously. If you want to raise a concern you can speak to either Mrs Dunstan, Miss Turner, Mrs Joy or your child's class teacher who will pass on your concern.

Designated Senior Safeguarding Lead

Mrs E Dunstan (Head Teacher)

Deputy Designated Safeguarding Leads

Mrs Y Joy (Learning Mentor)
Miss L Turner (Deputy Head Teacher)

E-Safeguarding Leads

Mrs E Dunstan (Head Teacher)
Mr N Towers (IT Technician)
Mrs Y Joy (Learning Mentor)

Safeguarding Documents

Safeguarding and Child Protection Policy

Keeping Children Safe in Education Part 1 (DfE Publication)

Safeguarding Newsletter

Safeguarding Guide for Visitors

E-Safety Guide for Parents

Safeguarding Newsletters

We produce the Safeguarding Newletter to keep everyone informed about good practice and new developments. Safeguarding is a shared responsibility and the newsletter reflects the variety of work taking place across the school.

Safeguarding Newsletter, Spring 2017

Safeguarding Newsletter, Summer 2016

Safeguarding Newsletter, Spring 2016

Safeguarding Newsletter, Autumn 2015