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Remi's Writing Competition

Miss Brewster set a competition to write a short story about her dog, Remi. Thank you to everybody who took part. There were so many creative ideas that Remi and Miss Brewster decided on two winnners - Eloise in Key Stage 1 and Isaac in Key Stage 2. We hope you enjoy reading their stories.


Remi's Adventure

Once there was a dog called Remi. She loved digging in the garden. Where do you think she was digging to? She dug to London! What do you think she did? She decided to visit the Queen! The soldiers thought she was so cute they let her in! When the Queen saw Remi she hugged her. The Queen was so happy Remi was here because she had not had visitors for a long time. The Queen gave Remi a dog treat. The treat was magic so the Queen and Remi started to bounce! Remi and the Queen had a lot of fun. When the bouncing stopped the Queen said bye to Remi and Remi set off home. Everyone was so happy they threw a party. What a fun adventure Remi had!

By Eloise


Remi's Adventure - A Short Story

Once when the rivers flowed, and the flowers littered the meadows Remi had been digging solely for hours on end until suddenly the earth gave way beneath her. She found herself in a place of magic and wonder, where a city of gnomes were found. Millions of these creatures strutted around their meadow. They were so small, the gnomes had made a complete city of grass houses and brilliant pebble streets, but despite their breath taking civilisation all except one was seeking excitement. So, you can imagine the startling appearance of Remi was most surely going to make an uproar. The majority of the town went to explore this new wonder, but the excitement didn't live long dying away almost instantly and replaced with a new hope. You see, all gnomes had heard word of a picturesque place and most wished to move there, that is but one and the sight of Remi’s huge paws filled them with apprehension of a potential escape.


That one was named Rufftub, he was known as the keeper of gnomes, he had built a wall of great strength around the town to trap everyone inside. But even he secretly wished for this place but, he was a cold selfish gnome, as his desire was to live there in complete secrecy. He had been given the job of guard for as long as anyone can remember. He had also made a second barrier beyond the first wall of yellow power, to be only penetrated by a flower. Like I said no gnome was happy, the other gnomes had previously made plans to escape but there was a fatal flaw, they needed a serious digger. At the sight of Remi, they began the start of a perilous plan.


Their problem was now fixed, Remi was to tunnel down as far as she could until she reached limestone; as this is where the foundation of the wall was, the gnomes would then go on to follow. Once the wall had been passed - this was an easy task while out of sight with the use of a couple of Remi scoops. Once complete, a quest of breaking the surface would commence, one gnome would also be given the simple but crucial task of bringing a flower. Being so moved by their lovable spirits Remi agreed it was right to help.

All was going exactly to plan until the creatures re-surfaced; until that point Rufftub had been oblivious to the whole procedure. Close inspection on the daily life of Rufftub over the previous week had shown it would be his nap time now, however the crew didn't realise he took his naps on his balcony over watching his yellow mystical barrier. The ground shook as the party broke through the crust, pieces of broken ground shot around everywhere, ricocheting off the wall making a raucous noise, alerting Rufftub to his escapees. Rufftub was so startled he forgot completely about giving chase until his anger burst, then he hurtled after them as fast as his small frame would allow.


Hearts all racing they all hurled down the path to the yellow wall the gnome with the flower took the lead bringing down the yellow barrier. All gnomes fled to their forest their new magic wonderful and fun home. As all the gnomes rocketed away Remi found herself unable to break past the barrier she didn’t realise only magic creatures could flee it. Instead of finding herself in that wood she found herself shooting at great speed back up her original hole to her safety. As for Rufftub he never made it past that yellow barrier. As not only magical creatures could pass they also need to be loving, so now he lives in his abandoned city of grass houses and brilliant pebble streets.


But every now and again he still hears laughter from that old wood. After a few weeks, all the gnomes agreed Rufftub had learnt his lesson, so he was invited to the wood where they all have happiness still.

By Isaac