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Welcome to the website for Bowmandale Primary School. I hope that this site gives you a good insight into our school and demonstrates our commitment to creating a safe, positive and rewarding environment in which our pupils can learn and grow.

We have high hopes for all our pupils and it is important to us that children enjoy the time they spend here. Our aim is to provide a positive, nurturing learning environment for all children to enable them to achieve their potential and be the best that they can be. We want them to have the best possible start in life and help them to acquire the skills, knowledge, understanding and ambition to prepare them for life beyond the classroom. We want all of our children to achieve their very best.

Mrs E Dunstan, Head Teacher


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Year 3/4 Football Tournament

Football tournament

On Thursday we went to Baysgarth School to compete in a football tournament. Unfortunately, the other school couldn't make it so it was just our school. We split into three teams: orange, yellow and pink, and had a tournament. First we played some games. We did one where we had to pull someone else's bib that is what we call tails and the other game was steal the egg. It's like where you had to get as many balls as you could in a minute and when the leader said 'steal, steal, steal' we had to get other balls from other teams. The next thing that we did was a practice to do our football tournament and try and beat our score and then after that it was the real tournament. We were all shy to begin with but we all tried our best. First it was the pink and the yellows then it was the pink and the oranges then it was yellows and oranges. We all played two matches and the final score was pinks came last and then the oranges came second so that means that the yellows came first.

By Tegan and Hayden

Easter Competitions

Easter egg competition   Easter egg competition

This Easter, we held a competition to decorate an Easter egg on the theme of a book character. Everyone who wanted to was allowed to enter and the entries were amazing. Mrs Dunstan and Miss Turner chose a winner from each class and the winners all received a box of mini eggs. Everyone who entered received a certificate.

Mrs Dunstan also awarded prizes and certificates for another competition which was to read in an unusual place. There was one winner for Foundation and Key Stage 1 and another for Key Stage 2. The winners each received a book.

Lastly, we drew tickets for the Easter egg raffle. There were about a hundred eggs to win and we sold hundreds of tickets.

Thank you to everyone who entered our competitions and thank you to parents for your support. Have a good holiday everyone.

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It's Catching

It's Catching   It's Catching

On 28th March, Adam and Helena from North Lincolnshire School Sports came to lead all of the Key Stage 1 and 2 children in some catching activities called 'It's Catching'.

First, we had some warming up by running and freezing in different positions then we each got our own tennis ball. We had to walk round while throwing and catching our balls but then Adam made it harder and we had to throw our balls up, clap and then catch it. Next we did the challenge. They started off easy. We had to pick up the ball and balance it on our hands. Then it got harder and we had to throw and clap three times and bob down and back up and catch it. Last of all, we played a game called 'Heads, Shoulders, Knees and Ball' where we had to follow the actions and when Adam said 'ball' we had to race and pick up the ball.

Everyone got to keep their ball and we all got a booklet with 50 games in it and some challenges on the back. In six weeks' time, Adam and Helena are coming back to see how much everyone has improved.

Thank you to Adam and Helena for coming in and doing this fun activity with us.

By Hanna and Mr Towers

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