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Digital Ambassadors

Digital Ambassadors

Bowmandale's Digital Ambassadors are a group of Year 5 and 6 children who help the adults in school keep everyone safe online. They meet regularly with Mrs Duck, Mr Towers, Mrs Dunstan and the governors to plan events and share their knowledge and expertise.


The Digital Ambassadors 2022-2023




Hi, my name is Aoife. I love to sew and I am proud that I made a bag. I also like to use computers and my favourite game is Roblox. My favourite thing in all the world is my dog, Willow. As a digital ambassador I will help other children with the coding or computing needs.




Hi, my name is Harry. I like football and I support Man City, I play for Barton Junior Colts. I am also into athletics which is very fun. I have two very cute cats, called Lucky and Fluffy McFluffington. I will help people to use the Chromebooks safely.




My name is Olivia. I love playing football but I love playing any sports. I have a very cute dog called Maverick. When I play online, my favourite game is Roblox. As a digital ambassador I will help people to use the Chromebook books correctly.




My name is Nathan. I like football and I support Chelsea, I take part in a Sunday football club. My favourite online game is Roblox. As a digital ambassador I will teach people how to use the internet safely.




My name is Toby, I like to play football and I currently play for Barton United Sharks, my favourite team is Manchester United. I enjoying taking part in all sports. As a digital ambassador I will help people to be safe online.




My name is George, I play football and I play for Barton United Sharks. My favourite subject is maths and my favourite animal is a penguin. As a digital ambassador I will help people to use the computers more.


The Digital Ambassadors' Online Safety Tips

  • Make sure you are playing age-appropriate games
  • Use appropriate websites
  • Tell a trustworthy adult if you think anything is unusual
  • Only communicate with people you know
  • Always ask an adult to create any accounts for you


The Digital Ambassadors' Online Safety Guide

Information from the following websites were used to create our guide:

Summer Fun Day



The Digital Ambassadors ran their own stall at a recent Summer Fun Day to promote online safety. They organised a treasure hunt - indoors because of the weather - where you had to solve clues to crack the password. They also handed out leaflets to children and adults which you can download below.

Internet Safety Parent Workshop

The Digital Ambassadors helped organise an internet safety workshop for parents and carers. The ambassadors introduced themselves and their roles then Mr Martin from Primary Tec led the workshop. He shared new information about the latest online trends and what to do to keep children safe. Everyone who attended also got a raffle ticket.


Safer Internet Day



At the beginning of February, we provided a range of activities for Safer Internet Day. Key Stage 2 followed Google's new online safety programme called 'Be Internet Legends', focusing on taking responsibility for their online activities. In Key Stage 1, the children learnt to log on with their own password and Buddy the Dog gave them tips about staying safe online.

Radio Humberside Visit

The Digital Ambassadors had an amazing afternoon at BBC Radio Humberside. As part of their roles as ambassadors, they were taken on a tour around the studios to gain an understanding of the work and commitment of the staff at the BBC. Surprisingly, when they met Sally Fairfax she asked if they wanted to go on live radio – they of course, all agreed. Coincidently, she was discussing with her audience the amount of time children spend online and watching the TV, they became her perfect guests as she was able to interview them. Although they were nervous, they gained confidence throughout the interview and were able to help with the show – it was a great experience.


After, they learnt all about the radio and how it is controlled, they went to the filming section and met numerous people that help to produce and present the shows – they were a little star struck when they met Peter Levy! They discussed their role with him and he seemed impressed with the work that we complete here at Bowmandale.


They had an amazing afternoon and learnt what happens behind the scenes, they are hoping to work with David Reeves to create our own Digital Ambassador film to go on the BBC Radio Humberside's social media sites demonstrating how we keep people safe online both at home and school.

Christmas Fayre

We would like to say a huge thank you to all those that came to visit us on Friday when we had our own stall at the Christmas Fayre. We advertised safe online games and held a competition to design your own Christmas avatar. Well done to the winners.

Online Safety Poster Competition

When Mr Martin came on Safer Internet Day, he worked with the year 3 and 4 classes to develop online safety posters. Last week Mr Martin came back to meet with Miss Brewster and Mr Towers and he picked his three winners. The winners each recieved a prize - a kit to build either a robot alarm clock or a car. Well done to the winners and to all the children who took part. You can see their posters below.

E-Safety Santa

On the last day of school before Christmas, Bowmandale received a visit from a very special visitor: E-safety Santa! Santa talked to all the children about staying safe on the internet and particularly on the new games and devices they might get for Christmas. He told everyone about the age ratings on social media and games.


E-Safety banner - 'Recipe for a Safer Internet'