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Emotional Wellbeing

At Bowmandale Primary School, we are committed to promoting positive mental health and emotional wellbeing to all children, their families and members of staff and governors. Our open culture allows children's voices to be heard, and through the use of effective policies and procedures we ensure a safe and supportive environment for all affected - both directly and indirectly - by mental health issues. Please also refer to our Growth Mindset page which outlines our whole school approach to building confidence and resilience in our children.

We believe in a holistic approach to children's development and progress. We have a full time Learning Mentor and Mental Health Champion whose time is devoted to supporting our families and promoting children's emotional wellbeing. This may be through 1:1 counselling, therapeutic group or 1:1 sessions to build self-esteem or short term interventions such as a gardening and craft club or social skills groups. Our Learning Mentor also leads outdoor adventure learning sessions with small groups of children who may need a little support to build their social skills, confidence or self-esteem. We are a Thrive school which means that a number of our children are supported via the Thrive approach to boost emotional wellbeing. 


Online Help

Below are a number of links which you may find useful in supporting the emotional wellbeing of your child or your family:

Local Services

The Thrive Approach

Bowmandale Primary School is a 'Thrive' school, with a trained practitioner (Mrs. Lombard) who works with children on an individual basis. The Thrive Approach is a developmental, trauma sensitive approach to meeting the emotional and social developmental needs of all children and young people. It is underpinned by a theoretical base in child developmental theory, attachment theory and research into creativity, play and the arts. 


Thrive enables adults to clearly and systematically identify the social and emotional needs of the children they are working with, and suggests how to be or what to do in order to meet those needs. 

Information and Resources

You may find it useful to dip in and out of these resources and activities with your child:

Mental Health Awareness Week

Hosted by the Mental Health Foundation, Mental Health Awareness Week takes place every year in May. All classes partake in activities related to this and children attend whole school assemblies around this theme. 

With Me In Mind


The NHS offer a series of free courses for parents under the banner of 'With Me In Mind'. These courses are designed to help children through a variety of mental health issues including sleeping, eating and self-harm. Links are below.