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Subject Intent Statement:

Our intent is that all children at Bowmandale will develop a love of languages and a breadth of French skills in preparation for further language learning in KS3 and beyond.  With incidental learning opportunities for our KS1 pupils providing the building blocks for formal language learning in KS2.  We strive to use inclusive practice to deliver a broad language curriculum based upon the five core strands of learning a language - speaking, listening, reading, writing and using appropriate grammar.  We have selected to follow the 'Language Angels' scheme of work which is fully compliant with the Languages Programme of study and ensures children have access to authentic French speakers.  Children will progressively acquire, use and apply a growing bank of vocabulary organised around topics.  Attainment and progression in languages will be monitored by teachers termly ensuring all learners are making expected or better progress.


At our school we teach French and follow the statutory national curriculum of offering all children in Key Stage 2 formal language learning and at Bowmandale.   Using the Bowmandale MFL Road Map and Progression overview (attached to this page) the children are taught languages with focus on the five key skills of language learning: Reading, Writing, Speaking, Listening and use of Grammar.  

To support our delivery of French to the pupils we have selected to use the platform ‘Language Angels’ in order to ensure all children have the opportunity to listen to and develop their own correct pronunciation.  The units are purposely designed to progressively increase the children’s vocabulary and their performance in their five language key skills as they move through the school.

In KS1/EYFS we encourage informal language learning and children will have opportunities through song and oral games to learn basic skills such as counting and identifying colours and days of the week in French. There are also termly Inspire Day French activities which all children in our school may choose to attend.

In Year 6 children have the opportunity to attend a dual language theatre production at a nearby Secondary School which supports the transition process of our learners as they move into Year 7. 


“I enjoy learning French because it teaches me something that might come in useful in the future.”   Ruban