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Subject Intent Statement:

Bowmandale Primary School seeks to provide high quality Science teaching. Through our practical and enjoyable curriculum, we promote and develop transferable skills; such as observation, communication and team work. Our children are encouraged to have an enquiring mind and to ask questions and be questioned. Our curriculum aims to inspire and excite our children and foster a thirst for knowledge. In a world that is increasingly shaped by science and technology, we aim to equip our pupils for the wider world.

All staff and children recognise the importance of science. It is taught regularly and children are given as many practical experiences as possible to help engage all learners. We are fortunate to have extensive grounds here at Bowmandale, as well as a purpose built Forest School area so that children are able to do a lot of their learning in an outside environment. Children in Key Stage 1 really benefit from opportunities to plant a wide variety of bulbs then watch them grow throughout the year. They take pride and ownership over their planting and are always so excited to revisit them. As part of our coverage of season change, the children also choose and observe a ‘special tree’ throughout their time in Year 1. The children are always so thrilled to revisit their tree and see how it has changed. They are also eager to share their observations of trees at home and in their local environment which is fabulous and shows that they are applying what they’re learning in their everyday lives. It is these real life experiences which we feel are so valuable in teaching children and keeping them so passionate about science.

The solid foundations built during their initial years are further extended during their time in Key Stage 2. Children revisit some areas in far greater detail and gain a wide range of enquiry skills and practical experience with scientific equipment so that they are able to suggest how to set up their own experiments independently. Children also know a wide variety of scientists and are given opportunities to research those of interest to them.

We understand the importance of ‘Science Capital’ (please see video link) and look for lots of opportunities to boost the Science Capital of every child. Feedback from the children is consistently positive around this subject and many of our children consider themselves as scientists. We ensure that the National Curriculum is covered, but always allow time to follow other branches of science that appeal to the children and regularly set up experiments to try answer questions children have posed. We encourage our children to have enquiring minds. Across the school, we watch Twig Reporter weekly which is a roundup of science news from all over the world. This is the highlight of the week for many children and as well as informing them of important scientific advances, it also highlights the phenomenally wide range of occupations that involve science in a highly entertaining way!

Talking is used heavily in all of our science lessons as we believe children can learn such a lot from their friends and it is a great way of addressing misconceptions and promoting the asking of questions. Children are always given the opportunity to show their understanding in a variety of ways so that they are able to show off their science knowledge in a way most suitable to them. Science is for everyone and no one will be limited by reading, writing or mathematic ability. We assess children based on their conceptual understanding and their ability to perform a wide range of enquiry based tasks. We are incredibly proud that many of our pupils aspire to be scientists in the future.  


EYFS Potato Competition Winners

Year 3 and 4 had a great time exploring pitch. They used a range of musical instruments to see if and how they could change the pitch of a sound. They then used paper straws to create their own musical instrument. 

Science in School

Focus on a special tree

KS1 Bulb Planting

Forest School

STEM Tower Building Challenge on Inspire afternoon

Children from across the school enjoyed using their STEM skills on Inspire afternoon to try and build the tallest towers possible using only pasta and marshmallows.