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Pupil Premium Grant

The Pupil Premium Grant was introduced in 2011 for children eligible for free school meals, children whose parents serve in the armed forces and for looked after children; its purpose was to close the attainment gap between these groups of children and their peers. In 2013 the DfE introduced Pupil Premium Plus funding for looked after children and previously looked after children. In doing this, the DfE acknowledged the enduring impact of trauma and loss in children's lives and the key role that schools have in supporting children who have had a difficult start in life.


At Bowmandale Primary School, we have high aspirations and ambitions for all of our children and we believe that no child should be left behind. We aim to strategically use pupil premium funding to fulfil our vision for all children to flourish in order to achieve their full potential and ultimately, to be equipped for the next stage of their learning journey. The school draws upon national research, alongside analysis of school data to identify barriers to learning and to ensure that money is effectively allocated in order to work towards overcoming these barriers.

Pupil Premium Grant (PPG) Spending at Bowmandale Primary School

We seek, as a school community, to provide personalised learning opportunities and targeted support to allow every child to flourish. The governing body of Bowmandale Primary School will ensure that provision is made to meet the needs of all pupils.


Research tells us that the Mastery approach to learning is an excellent pedagogy for all children, but in particular it has been proven to accelerate the learning of vulnerable children, hence our investment to staff training in this approach. The Growth Mindset approach is also central to our teaching and learning in all subjects, whereby children are given open-ended learning opportunities involving peer teaching and collaborative learning. This has been proven to make a consistently positive impact on learning, particularly for vulnerable pupils. Verbal and written feedback is also at the heart of our pedagogy, impacting significantly on learning and progress.


Our priorities for 2020/21 at Bowmandale Primary School are:

Quality of Education

  • To continue to narrow the gap between disadvantaged and non-disadvantaged pupils across the school and at national level, especially in writing;
  • To improve the attainment of disadvantaged pupils so that more pupils meet their age-related expectations;
  • To accelerate the progress of disadvantaged pupils so that it is in line with non-pupil premium pupils;


Behaviour & Attitudes

  • To improve the attendance of vulnerable disadvantaged pupils;
  • To promote positive attitudes to learning in all of our children;


Personal Development

  • To support families with emotional and social barriers impacting on pupils' learning;
  • To develop children's emotional wellbeing, resilience, confidence & independence;
  • To provide extra-curricular opportunities for all pupils, but in particular ensuring that our vulnerable children take up these opportunities (currently suspended due to COVID restrictions);
  • To foster a love of reading for all children, especially those children who are in receipt of Pupil Premium Grant funding;
  • To ensure that all disadvantaged pupils are encouraged to participate in wider school opportunities such as extra-curricular clubs, buddies, sports and digital ambassadors (currently suspended due to COVID restrictions).


Leadership & Management

  • To improve staff's subject, pedagogical and pedagogical content knowledge to enhance the teaching of the curriculum and the appropriate use of assessment.
  • To ensure that as a school we prioritise building relationships with all children in order to raise aspirations.


This provision will include:

  • A Growth Mindset approach to all learning to build resilience, perseverance and self-belief;
  • Pastoral support and intervention from a Learning Mentor and qualified counsellor with children and their families;
  • Provision of a wide range of extra-curricular learning opportunities, increasingly within the school day (currently suspended due to COVID restrictions);
  • Learning Mentor and trained Forest Schools Leader to provide nurture and targeted pastoral provision for vulnerable pupils;
  • Same day interventions targeted at all children who are at risk of underachieving, including disadvantaged pupils (currently limited due to COVID restrictions).
  • Targeted 1:1 mentoring led by members of staff as gaps arise due to school closures.


The impact of this provision will be reviewed and subsequently published in July 2021. 


Pupil Premium Grant Funding

Number of pupils and pupil premium grant (PPG) anticipated for 2020/21
Total number of pupils on roll that funding is based on342
Estimated total number of pupils eligible for PPG69
Amount of PPG received per pupil£1345 (£2345 for CLA*)
Estimated total amount of PPG£103,100

*children who are looked after


Pupil Premium Grant Documents

More information about Pupil Premium Grant spending and provision at Bowmandale Primary School is detailed in the documents below.