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Relationships and Behaviour

At Bowmandale Primary School, we aim to create a happy, safe, caring and inclusive environment for all children. We fully acknowledge the crucial role that positive relationships play in creating a positive whole school approach to behaviour, so that all children see themselves as part of a happy and inclusive learning community. Please refer to our updated Relationships and Behaviour Policy which is available to download below. 


Restorative Practice (RP)

Being 'Restorative' focuses on building positive relationships based on respect and fairness. Making changes to the way we approach incidences and issues provides children, and others, with the opportunity to think about how they relate to each other and how they can find positive ways of repairing relationships, rather than focusing solely on punishing poor behaviour or individuals avoiding taking responsibility for their actions. Children and adults are encouraged to put things right together. All members of staff are trained in the key principles of RP.


Gold Standard Expectations

We adhere to ‘Gold Standard’ behaviour expectations as the basis for our approach to behaviour and values. These reflect our focus on positive relationships. The ‘Gold Standard’ behaviour expectations are displayed in all classrooms. Consequences are given as soon as possible after the incident rather than taking time away at the end of the week, when the incident has perhaps been forgotten. Every incident will be dealt with on an individual basis and followed up with an RP chat with an adult to think about what could happen differently next time and whether any support is needed to enable this to happen.




“I like that we can earn house points to earn extra rewards.”   Maisie


Children are awarded stars for demonstrating Gold Standard behaviour; these are collected in a 'star chart' at the end of each week and children can work towards the following awards:


40 Stars – Bronze Award

Each pupil gets a Bronze certificate and a personal reward. When all pupils in the class gain their Bronze Award the whole class gets 1 hour reward time (decided with the class teacher).


80 Stars - Silver Award

Each pupil gets a Silver certificate and a personal reward. When all pupils in the class gain their Silver Award the whole class gets half a day reward time (decided with the class teacher).


120 Stars – Gold Award

Each pupil gets a Gold certificate and a personal reward. When all pupils in the class gain their Gold Award the whole class gets a full day reward time (decided with the class teacher).


160 Stars – Platinum Award

Each pupil gets a Platinum certificate and a personal reward.


200 Stars – Head Teacher Special Award

Each pupil gets a Head Teacher certificate and a personal reward


240 Stars – Governors' Special Award

Each pupil gets a Governors' Special certificate and a personal reward.


Rewards & Consequences

We have a set of rewards and consequences which are known in school and which are applied consistently and fairly by all. Rewards include praise, stickers or stamps and children will have the chance to earn certificates for behaviour and achievement on a weekly basis; these are awarded in our weekly whole school Behaviour and Achievers’ assemblies.


Class Reward Time

We believe that when we work together as a team, we can achieve more. Using this philosophy, all children in the class are encouraged to work together as a team to earn a maximum of 25 minutes class reward time each week. This time is earned each day rather than time being 'taken away' as a result of poor behaviour choices. Whilst we encourage all children to work together to earn this reward time, we fully acknowledge that there may be some children who may need a more flexible approach to supporting their behavioural needs for a variety of reasons. The class would not be prevented from earning a whole class reward as a result of individual children who require additional support with their behaviour.


Individual Role Model Rewards

In recognition of individual children showing consistently positive or Gold Standard behaviour, any children who have not had their name recorded on the class behaviour chart during the week will earn an additional star for their star chart, which will count towards house points each week. 


Behaviour Reward Certificates

Every half term, children who have consistently demonstrated Gold Standard behaviours receive a certificate, which is awarded in one of our weekly behaviour assemblies. In accordance with our Growth Mindset philosophy, we firmly believe and instil in the children that it’s OK to make mistakes. In recognition that everyone makes mistakes, and that mistakes help us to learn, we still award certificates to children who have had up to three level 1 incidents or one level 2 incident during the half term. This gives them another chance to make positive behaviour choices without being penalised for the entire half term, and reinforces the idea that 'tomorrow is a new day'.


These are the whole school systems, but we and the children value individual teachers taking their own initiative in their classroom and having their own behaviour systems, which enhance these. Examples of systems teachers have used are: classroom monitors/helpers, pupil of the week, raffle tickets, table of the week, marbles in a jar, etc. These are regularly discussed and shared with the children.