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Starting School

Welcome to Bowmandale



Meet the Team


Mrs Dunstan

Hello, I am Mrs Dunstan and I am the Head Teacher at Bowmandale. I really love my job and I especially enjoy popping down to see all my friends in EYFS and joining in with all the wonderful things that they are learning. I am really looking forward to getting to know you all in September.






Mrs Lombard

My name is Mrs Lombard. I am the Deputy Headteacher which means I help Mrs Dunstan to look after the school and all of the children. When I am not at school I love to run and I have lots of medals from running. I have just started gardening - I am really enjoying it but I am still learning. Adults still have lots to learn you know!






Mrs Hoggarth

Hello, my name is Mrs Hoggarth and I am the EYFS leader and teacher. I love going for long walks with my dog Bobby, you will all get to see photographs of him soon! I like to plan lots of outdoor learning so I hope you enjoy running and playing outside.







Mrs Simpson

Hello everyone, my name is Mrs Simpson. I am an EYFS teacher and Art co-ordinator at Bowmandale. I love crafts, painting and being imaginative. 







 Mrs Duck

Hello everyone, my name is Mrs Duck. I am an EYFS teacher and Computing leader at Bowmandale. When I am at home, I love being outside with my dogs Lettie and Remi, we go for nice big walks. I have a little boy called Jameson who likes to play with musical instruments and we like to have a dance to Alexa when we are at home! I am looking forward to meeting you in September and having a dance with you. 




Mrs Mason

Hello my name is Mrs Mason, I am a teaching assistant at Bowmandale and I am looking forward to working with you in September. When I am not at school I love to walk my dog, and also really enjoy camping with my family in the holidays.







Mrs Prestwood

Hello everybody my name is Mrs Prestwood and I am the early years practitioner. I like to make school as fun as possible and I’m always thinking of new little challenges for you all to do. One of my favourite things to do in school is get the musical instruments out and sing and dance and make up songs with you. When I’m not at school I like to travel and explore different places.






Useful Information for Parents and Carers

Below are a number documents which you may find helpful in preparing your child to start school.

All About Our School Uniform

All children are to wear the school uniform and the school PE kit. The school uniform is sensible, practical and reasonably priced clothing, which is usually available in the majority of children's clothing shops.  Bowmandale sweatshirts, cardigans and PE T-shirts can be bought from the school office.


We consider that the wearing of school uniform gives your child a sense of pride and belonging. It also eliminates the problem of differentiating between which are school clothes and which are leisure/play clothes.


The uniform consists of:

  • a white shirt/blouse or polo shirt
  • grey trousers, shorts, skirt or pinafore dress
  • grey cardigan or sweatshirt
  • grey socks/tights
  • black shoes/ boots


White socks and green and white checked or striped dresses are welcome in the summer months.  Smart sandals are also permitted in the summer months.


The PE T-shirts are coloured depending on your child's house team and are available for purchase from the school office. These T-shirts are to be worn with black shorts and plimsolls or trainers. Warm sweatshirts and jogging bottoms can be worn over the PE kit in colder weather.


We do have a pre-loved uniform cupboard located near the school entrance that you are welcome to help yourself to at your convenience.

Story Activities

We love reading and listening to stories at Bowmandale. Please enjoy these online stories below and there are some activities you might like to try at home.


The Gruffalo



Why not have a go at making a Gruffalo crumble?


Make your own Gruffalo at home



Have a go making your very own Gruffalo using a cup and craft materials.


Retell the story



Could you print or draw your own Gruffalo characters and then stick them on lolly sticks to make your own puppets? See if your child can retell the story using their own words.


More Gruffalo Activities


Oi Frog!



Have a listen to the story Oi Frog! Discuss the story with your child and discover their favourite part of the story.

Oi Frog - Kes Gray/Jim Field] Jam-packed with the #silliest of #animals, this #bestselling #rhyming #story will have the youngest of #readers in fits of #laughter.#Cats sit...

Rhyme game

Play a matching rhyming game. Can your child think of a matching animal that rhymes with the animal you give them such as cat and rat?


Get Moving

Why not play a game of musical statues but when the music stops the children have to become a statue of a frog?




Spinderella by Julia Donaldson, Read aloud book for kids, Tale Story for kids and babies

Spinderella is yet another fascinating story for children written by Julia Donaldson. This tale tells us about a small spider called Spinderella and how she ...

Get Outside

Spinderella loves counting goals. How many goals can you score? Have some fun outside and keep track of the goals.





Spinderella loves to count and she is very good at it. What number can you count up to? Have a go at counting with a grown up and see how high you can count.





Nursery rhymes are so important in Early Years. Why not incorporate some singing and sing Incy, Wincy Spider together?